Isn't capitalism...?

"Personally, I'm in favor of democracy, which means that the central institutions of society have to be under popular control.

Now, under capitalism, we can't have democracy by definition. capitalism is a system in which the central institutions of society are in principle under autocratic control.

Thus, a corporation or an industry is, if we were to think of it in political terms, fascist; that is, it has tight control at the top and strict obedience has to be established at every level -- there's little bargaining, a little give and take, but the line of authority is perfectly straightforward.

Just as I'm opposed to political fascism, I'm opposed to economic fascism. I think that until the major institutions of society are under the popular control of participants and communities, it's pointless to talk about democracy."

Noam Chomsky
Language and Politics (1988) p.162.

A short way of looking at it: democracy is (on a first level of approximation) "One person equals one vote". A capitalistic/market/profits-based economic system like ours is (and the way shareholders-vote in a corporation is also) instead a "one dollar equals one vote" system, clearly anti-democratic. --HB