Cartoons: A little humor, a lot of insight..

  • How our economic system works.. It's very simple, really..
            After you finish reading that cartoon, this photo's meaning is clear.

  • Flash Animation: Imagine that you lived in Another World in another galaxy.. Beautiful and vivid educational flash animation. (EconomicDemocracy's local backup copy ; click here if preceding link fails)

  • You call this a democracy? Taking order from the boss while the economy is under corporate control
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  • Capitalism finds perfect solution to pollution! Behold! (And Another brialliant capitalist solution to environmental distruction)

  • "The Boss Needs You -- You Don't Need The Boss "
    (From the May 1968 Paris Commune,,

  • After looking at the above cartoons, enjoy How the Miners were Robbed an eye-opening parable by John Wheatley, written back in 1907, and with a sense of humor to boot!
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  • We're not "brainwashed" to buy are we, Futurama? Does corporate capitalism produce to meet our existing needs, or does it create artificial desires to create "demand" for things we don't really need or want?

  • Analysis Section of (pardon our dust; Under revision) If you were creating an economic system from scratch, would you create the environmentally and also self-destructive one we're in?