is now broadcasting live progressive radio over the internet, as Reality Radio.

We are not currently still broadcasting (we plan to resume in the future), but please read this introduction which links to how to create a world-wide network of democratic mass media to transform the media landscape from corporate to democratic If you're already read "The Revolution Will be Webcast" go to the main page and click on "projects" to read strategic vision pieces on 10-point tactical followup (Counterspinner.html) and on funding.

Using our cable modem connection we are broadcasting over the internet using existing technologies.

To listen is very easy:

  1. Go here to download your free Radio Destiny player. It has no advertising and is only about 500K in size

  2. To listen to our station, called Reality Radio, go here and scroll down to find "Reality Radio" If you have the destiny Player installed, and if you click on Reality Radio, your Player will automatically launch and will tune to our station.

  3. Here Chomsky, Parenti, McChesney, Amy Goodman, more Chomsky, etc! Every lecture or two you might hear some radical or hippy music (-:
  • Relax, we are not promoting Destiny (although compared to and they are much less commercial, and less corporate). We have a much more democratizing plan, but this is a demonstration, to make more fellow activists aware of just how easy it is to broadcast live on the internet, today. Stay tuned for a new article on on media (with specific tactics and a step by step program) on how to go from here to much more ambitious (and people-controlled) media and technology.

    In the meantime, enjoy Reality Radio, brought to you by and by The Revolution, Which Will Be Webcast (-:

    If you haven't read it, check out The Revolution will be Webcast, a think piece by, and a strategic vision and broad project proposal. The soon to be released followups include the above mentioned much more specific piece on tactics and specific steps we can take.

    P.S. During this trial we may not be broadcasting 24/7. If you don't find us on the list, email and request a day, and we will most likely be able to have the station on the air for the 12-24 hour period you request so you can enjoy the demo. We have right now, roughly 10 hours of programming (mostly cool activist talks and interviews, with brief inspirational music in between) repeated cyclicly, when we are live on the internet.

    PPS: we have some good .au files which apparently need to be converted into mp3 or other more modern format, for us to be able to broadcast this. If you can help, email us at the above URL.

  • We are currently investigating the open source IceCast as a possible alternative to Destiny Broadcaster. (FAQ). "Open source" movement versus "free software" movement: What's the difference? Here's why

    Note:There is a second way to access Reality Radio:

    1) In Destiny Player, click on "radio" (the Player has two main modes: "tunes" to play music/audio files on your hard drive, and "radio"0

    2) If you have the latest version of the player ("Version 1.51 Beta 4") then under radio you will see various caterogies, the first one is "RadioDestiny 3 beta" (after that is "Information" and then "Mixed Format" etc).

    3) Click on the "+" sign to the left of the category "RadioDestiny 2 beta" and you will see a whole list of stations under that caterogy,

    4) One of those should be "reality radio", just click on that.

    How to Broadcast

  • How to do it
  • A good place to get MP3 files: