Workplace Democracy Resources

Articles, Cartoons, Satire, and Interview Excepts

  • Cartoon: How our system works..

  • Political Satire: How the Miners Were Robbed (1907 pamphlet by John Wheatley)

    Quotes about Workplace Democracy
    ..and general Economic Democracy

  • An Elaboration by Chomsky in an interview with Barsamian, and
    more about why fighting against wage slavey is as American as apple pie.

  • A superb elaboration by Chomsky on how opposing wage-slavery comes right out
    of the Enlightenment Era (yes, Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith and the rest) ideals..

  • Young Women, 1840s Lowell: "Those who work in the Mills ought to own them"

  • What kind of Economic System would you propose? Noam Chomsky responds in more detail.


  • Someone Is Stealing Your Life" by Michael Ventura (backup)

  • What is Wage Slavery? -- very personal -- from