• Alternatives To Wall St
  • Community Economic Laboratories (CELs) at ()(added 10sept 2nd)


    World Trade Center Bombings

    Technology for Change

  • Dan Shaw's Blog (which in late 2006 featured EconomicDemocracy's featured strategic vision piece, On Funding: A Plan to Put the Movement on Solid Financial Ground by Harel B).

    Media -- From Corporate-run to Democratic

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    Related projects:

  • FAMAS (related analysis, What makes alternative media alternative?)
  • The Wireless Commons Manifesto
  • (e.g. frsc)
  • Marcos on Independent Media


  • CounterSpin special interview: Prof. Robert McChesney on Media Past and Future (30 min RealAudio).
  • Indymedia Newsreal

    Economic Democracy

  • Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy
  • The ALLIANCE for Democracy
  • GEO Newsletter Grassroots Economic Organizing (publication, dialogue, and networking project).

    What is money? Where does it come from?
    Can society use it, even create it, differently?

  • Wizards Of Money for democratizing the system of credit/money -- AUDIO series

  • Free copy of the book The Ecology of Money

  • Local Currencies

  • Ithaca Hours (and Ithaca Hours older site?)
  • Bread Hours
  • Appropriate-Economics.Org on LOCAL CURRENCIES across the world.
  • LETSystems homepage -- local economic trade/local currencies
  • Other Progressive Discussion Forums

  • Pnews message boards
  • Quotes about Corporations

  • under "advanced search" specify "workplace" to find workplace coops by geography
  • Democratic Workplaces in action: Kibbutz Lotan
  • Beyond mere "corporate responsibility": regaining democratic authority over corporations
  • MicroRadio.Net
  • Who's In charge? the logic of corporations, by Andrew Schmookler (and piece on 'rational pricing' by 'market' for prescription drugs ; and how destruction means more GNP wonderful growth -- see his links including books)
  • Anarchist FAQ (also at
  • Institute for Economic Democracy (Is not assoc'd with
  • EDIN: Economic Democracy Information Network (is really a project to expand the voice of community organizations, online)
  • Fighting the Octopus (
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  • and
  • Alternatives
  • Industrial Democracy: about Mondragon cooperative, and its Principles
  • Piracy is your Friend By Jaron Lanier.

  • Sage Publications: Economic and Industrial Democracy. GEO-Newsletter For Democratic Workplaces and Globalization from Below.
  • Libertarian Socialism Informative overview, at
  • Prominent Anarchists and Left-Libertarians at
  • 12 Commentaries by Michael Albert summarizing Parecon (Participatory Economics)
  • Q/A about Parecon (Participatory Economics) for those with basic familiarity.
  • (worth contacting for's article on Shifting Away from Capitalism)

    Not directly related to

  • Chomsky on where is the world heading?
  • WorkingTV
    Well, we turn now to an interview I conducted recently with Richard
    Grossman, who is one of the contributors to a new book, Defying
    Corporations, Defining Democracy and co-director of the Program on
    Corporations, Law and Democracy. He believes that it is not only the
    corporations, but the politicians themselves who must be held responsible.
  • Life After Capitalism 3rd World Social Forum, Brazil, Jan 2003.
  • Putting Pressure on Corporate Power "Overthrow Corporate Rule, 5 steps"
  • Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  • Vancouver Participatory Economics Collective

  • U.S. Federation of Democratic Workplaces and IWW "All trades -- One Union"
  • Why Work Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS)
  • Community Centers Guide/Manual on how to set them up
  • Beyond Capitalism: Leland Stanford's Forgotten Vision


  • (e.g. see WISE project)
  • Web Of Change

  • More to come..if you're not listed here, it's not a "slight" -- you may be listed in a file of "wonderful sites to add when we have time to contact the folks there" or just you need to email us, econdemocracy (at) gmail (dot) com.