• This war on terrorism is bogus saying "The conclusion of all this analysis must surely be that the "global war on terrorism" has the hallmarks of a political myth propagated to pave the way for a wholly different agenda - the US goal of world hegemony.." so wrote none other than Minister of Parliament Michael Meacher (environment minister from May 1997 to June 2003) in this article back in September of 2003

    After the closing statements, the panel of six senior military officers began deliberations. If convicted, Mr. Hamdan faces a possible life term. Even if acquitted, he will probably remain in custody [prison camp] as an ' 'enemy combatant' ' until the government determines [decides to declare] the war on terrorism is over - NY Times reporting on our "free" country (nother defense lawyer, Joseph M. McMillan, said the s contentions amounted to guilt by association. He noted that after World War II, s driver, Erich Kempka, Hitler's driver, was not prosecuted as a war criminal._

    Terrorism and State-Terror (Called "War"): Stop Both

    "The student is gone; the master has arrived"
    -popular Iraqi saying after the U.S. ousted Saddam Hussein.

    See: http://www.cesr.org/beyondtorture.htm
    (Quoted in full report http://www.cesr.org/beyondtorture.pdf )

    Elusive al-Qaeda mastermind Osama-bin Laden may have terrorised the
    world, but his 26-year-old son Omar wants to launch a movement of
    peace. Omar also wants his father to give up violence and find another
    way to pursue his goals.
    Omar, who last saw Osama in 2000 when he decided to leave al Qaeda,
    said that he did not think his father was a terrorist and was sure
    that he must have felt very sorry for the September 11 terror
    attacks..  however [Omar] expressed apprehensions that his father
    "doesn't have the power to stop the movement at this moment."
    .."I try and say to my father: 'Try to find another way to help or
    find your goal. This bomb, these weapons, it's not good to use it for
    anybody, "he said.
    Omar said he doesn't consider his father to be a terrorist. When his
    father was fighting the Soviets, Washington considered him a hero, he
    said. "Before they called it war; now they call it terrorism," he
    said. He said his father believes it his duty is to protect Muslims
    from attack.
    "He believes this is his job -- to help the people," he said. "I don't--
    			     -- think my father is a terrorist because
    			     history tells you he's not."
    However, Omar bin Laden said he differs greatly with his father over
    the killing of civilians.
    "I don't think 9/11 was right personally, but it happened," he
    said. "I don't think ... [the war] in Vietnam was right. I don't think
    what's going on in Palestine is right. I don't think what's going on
    in Iraq is right." [notice how this last phrase was self-censored 
    out in australian
    version of this story; see link below for fuller story]
    He said he left al Qaeda because he did not want to be associated with
    killing civilians. He said his father did not try to dissuade him from
    leaving al Qaeda. "My father is a very kind man," Omar told ABC. "And
    he very sorry when he does something like September 11."
    "He believes if he put two buildings down, maybe some people will
    die," explained Omar. "But millions other will be saved. He believed
    that." [source interview]
    [Sounds like George Bush's excuses for killing Iraqis, except Bush
    killed not 3,000 but over 300,000! -ED]
    Asked why he did not protest more strongly to his father's role in the
    killing of civilians, he said it is up to the religious clerics close
    to his father to tell Osama bin Laden to change tactics in the name of
    Islam. And even if that most unlikely scenario were to occur, he said,
    al Qaeda would not stop. "My father doesn't have the power to stop the
    movement at this moment."
    .."I still love him, so much, with all my heart," he said, adding "if
    you ask Bush's daughter if she loves her father, sure she will love him."

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